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Our Mission

CEER aims to drive community voices into the post-Hurricane Harvey decision-making process to promote equity and resilience by emphasizing land, water, air, waste, and housing policies that reduce human exposure to pollution and strengthen environmental conservation.

Our Vision

CEER envisions a region that is equitable, environmentally sustainable and economically strong where residents have the opportunity to live, work, learn, play, and pray free from environmental hazards. To make that vision a reality, we advocate for public and private investment in protecting communities by cleaning up hazards that contaminate our air, water, and land, while at the same time prevent or reduce flooding.

CEER's Eight-Point Plan

We call on our elected leaders, industry, and other decision makers to:

1. Focus on Equity: Ensure that environmental equity and needs-based spending of disaster

dollars is at the heart of this recovery effort. Develop a regional body, adopted in partnership

with community and environmental groups that operates under principles of equity, to address

pollution, place, and the public’s health.

2. Embrace Transparency: Ensure open and formal processes to inform the public about how

each jurisdiction is prioritizing its investments and how those investments are directly related to

harm caused by Hurricane Harvey.

3. Focus on Our Air: Minimize the negative health consequences from air pollution events by

promoting compliance with clean air laws and limiting hazardous facilities from being built in

neighborhoods and near schools. Strengthen emergency preparedness plans for hazardous

facilities. Require facilities to make investments limiting harmful exposure events, informing

residents about safety hazards, and examine an industry funding mechanism for pollution


4. Focus on Our Land: Ensure the protection of sustainable landscapes. Prioritize collaborative

stream restoration efforts that improve air and water quality. Fund additional land acquisition

to strengthen conservation such as those outlined in the Texas Coastal Resiliency Master Plan,

including on the Katy Prairie, along our bayous, along Lake Houston shores, and our barrier

islands. Incorporate low-impact and sustainable development (i.e. ecology-based solutions)

while reworking development codes.

5. Focus on Our Water: Prevent contaminants from entering our waterways. Require all

wastewater treatment facilities and toxic waste sites to account for flood waters and storm

surge, and maintain any spills or releases within their own facilities. Require that local industrial

facilities and chemical storage tanks “armor” themselves to prevent chemicals from

contaminating our watersheds. Address drinking water concerns both for source water and

flooded pipes by prioritizing an outside, independent audit on drinking water safety.

6. Focus on Resource Recovery and Recycling: Improve and expand the regional emergency

debris removal plan. Increase recycling opportunities to maximize diversion of all recoverable

and harmful materials from landfills to minimize impact of temporary debris removal sites on

communities. Begin a public education program regarding the importance of curbside

separation of waste after a disaster and consider alternatives to waste recovery.

7. Focus on Displaced People: Ensure that affordable housing units are sited outside the 500-year

flood plain. Ensure that both rental and owner-occupied units are replaced so that affordable

housing options are available near major centers of employment and public transportation.

8. Embrace Resiliency: Commit to a region-wide climate action plan. Ensure that future public

investments reflect the environmental, social, and economic risks associated with a coastal

landscape, an industrial ship channel and a growing population in a city rich with bayous and


Mayoral Candidates' Forum Questionnaire

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Final candidate forum questionnaire for Mayoral Election 2019 (pdf)


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