CEER's coalition work brings more than 25 organization's expertise, resources, and tools together to meet the needs of the communities we serve. Each organization has a mission and vision that approaches one or more areas of the environment, equity, and resilience year round. Hurricane Harvey increased the need for alignment and sharing of resources to create new products and services for the Houston area. Our coalition spends countless hours in addition to the primary focus of our individual organization's work to consider what communities have - and still need - to be able to recover from the devastation Harvey left behind. 

Our Content Library is one place where your organization can get a better understanding of how our coalition work impacts the region. The library is where we share community member perspectives, coalition expertise, and outcomes of work we've completed. Coalition work is the work that shares in the discovery of what ails us, articulation of what we need solutions for, and the accountability towards building something better, together. This work is imperfect and requires a level of mental, emotional, and physical presence that is a challenge to all involved. Yet, because each coalition member has been open to learning, listening, and trying new methods for solution finding, we're making progress. We want to partner with you, too. 

We invite you to read, share, and cite our work in your own studies, projects, and coalitions. The CEER Content Library, Illustration Catalog, and Coalition Messaging documents are available for your use within the boundaries we've established. Supporting aligned messaging for our goals helps us to maintain a healthy standard, and also helps us achieve our shared goals faster, cheaper, and with expected outcomes. If you have questions, comments, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us. 


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